Portfolio Landing Page - Work In Progress

So I have a crazy idea for this domain.

The website that I have originally built for this domain has long past it's used by date.
I took it down today (19/07/2018) and have put this page up as a new placeholder.
I don't want to waste time making this landing page pretty.

The finished product - a portfolio of work split into 3 categories:

I am creative: This section I want to showcase my skills as a web designer, graphic designer, digital marketer, report builder. It might end up being a gallery of images that showcase a finished product. It might include landing pages for more in depth look at what the project requirements, and how I satisfied the client brief.

I am technical minded: This section could be code related, with links to codepen or github - technology I am exploring, interested in. Examples of my work - a behind the scenes review of work I have produced.

I am a problem solver: This section I wanted to present a few case studies - different clients I have worked with and what problems presented and how they are overcome. This has the potential to be very broad - but the scope of what we do as web designers, marketer, SEO guru is broad - therefore I feel it's important to show this to you.

Other ideas that I might explore: contact select clients I have worked with in the past. Ask them to rate my service - communication, effectiveness of solution, other stuff they might like to mention; aka the testimonials section: You can easily deal with hundreds of people in a year working freelance or for web design agencies; yet you often have nothing to show for the great work you provided; the time and energy you invested; the positive relationships you developed with these people. To not capture this would feel like a wasted opportunity.

Stay tuned...